Our Repertoire consists of Plattlers, Figure Dances, and Other Performances.


Many plattlers are named for their village or area of origin, and are inspired by courtship and celebration.  The Alpenland* Plattler was specially composed by Frank Billowitz of the Austrian Mountain Boys, and choreographed exclusively for our group in 1989.  The Gauplattler** is a plattler that is common to all plattler groups in the Gauverband, and is performed by more than 2000 dancers at the same time(!) at every Gaufest in a "Massenplattler".  Sometimes, we need help with the Haushammer plattler...audience participation is always fun!

Figure Dances:

Figure dances are also interpretations of courtship.  The Bandltanz is a traditional dance performed around the Maypole in Spring.  The Böhmerwald Ländler and Zweisteirer especially, concentrate on elaborate arm holds and presentation for the audience.  We often invite audience members to join us for the Böhmerwald LändlerThe Zweisteirer is often called a 'Wickler' (German for:  winder), for what the performers must go through, because dancers never let go of each other during entire dance!   For the Dreisteirer, one man dances with two ladies.   Sternentanz (Stardance), using 'points' of pine greenery and a series of traveling figures, is one of the most popular dances of the homeland groups and audiences.      

Other Performances:


These are Plattlers and performances which are inspired by the working life of the Alpine Region, and feature special props.  The Bankltanz and Holzhackerbuam are full of action and the Miners Dance even features pyrotechnics! The Schnitzlebank is an entertaining "German lesson" performed by Benno Kohlmann, one of our founding members.  The Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarch (wedding dance) is a popular dance originating from the Ziller valley in Austria.  It often results in a traffic jam on the dance floor!  Recently, we've added the Watschentanz to the program. It's our portrayal of a slice of life (one Dirndl and two Buam means big trouble, plattlerstyle!).  We are also working on adding tuned cow-bells to our repertoire.


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