Alpenland Tänzer Photos
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2023 .29 Gaufest at the Kalahari Resort, Sandusky Ohio



2017 Austria Day Celebration at the Donau


Kristen & Wendy Lauren, Caitlin & Kierstin
View from the Top

Guys from AltWashingtonia

Two Girls Two Guys Ron & Fred
Alt Washingtonia Alphorn Players
All photos courtesy of Stephen Hargreaves


2011 Group

The Alpenland Tänzer, 2011


The Alpenland Tänzer, 2003

Spirits and emotions run high...and
Schlachtfest at the Arion Society, New Milford CT, 2003

Alpenland Tänzer at 6 Flags, New England, 2000

Wes needs just a little help to look Kristin in the eyes!  6 Flags 2001

Audience Participants/Honorary Plattlers sporting wild hair and cool T-shirts! 6 Flags 2000

Joan and Kurt at Donau Club, 2001

Alpenland Tänzer, Liederkranz 98

Bankltanz, Liederkranz 98

Bandltanz, Gunstock 98

Rose and John, Bridgeport 99

Miners Dance, Liederkranz 98

Four Dancers, Gunstock 98

Zweisteirer, 6 Flags 2000

3 Generations of Dancers! Gunstock 99

Nancy and Holzhackerbuam, Gunstock 98
Nancy and Holzhackerbuam, Gunstock 98

One short log, four well equipped Holzhackerbuam.  [Don't try this at home...we're professionals!], Sängerbund Bierfest 2000 

Mercedes Club, '99

Our tallest and littlest dancers share umbrella, Gunstock 99

After the Action, Bridgeport 99

Schnitzlebank, Gunstock 99

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