13th Annual Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest Report:

 Rain, Tradition  and Excellent Spirits in no Short Supply!

The weather tried, but never had a chance, to dampen the mood of Trachtler at the 2006 Mid-Atlantic Region Kinderfest, hosted by the Alpenland Taenzer of New Britain, CT.  The East Hartford Knights of Columbus Pavilion kept young and old alike, together and dry...except for maybe their shoes.  The kitchen and refreshment stand kept everyone well-nourished with delicious locally made Wursts, Kartoffelsalat and worldclass Strudel

Plattler performances, fun with arts and crafts, even the occasional beachball game between downpours and watching the bus from Pennsylvania getting unstuck by a 50T wrecker kept everyone entertained.  Ehrentanze by the dance groups were framed by two very special moments, occurring at the beginning of the event, when our Kindergroup’s own Maria Meier, age 9, performed the national anthems to “grossen Beifall”, and near the end of the event with an extended Namberger Massenplattler, accompanied by all musicians in attendance...not a spot was to be had on the dance floor! 

Thank you to all the Kindergroup Parents, Adult group members and associates for your hard work, and also all attendees, some of whom made long trips to join us for the event.  It’s wonderful to see so many youths having a fun time while preserving our heritage.  We hope you enjoyed a visit to Connecticut, and had as good a time attending, as we had hosting!  Please come again when the rains have greened up our state into the beautiful place it is. 

Ronald Kwas, Webmeister, Alpenland Taenzer CT.

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