The pride of every Plattler is his Chari-vari chain (originally a watch chain), decorated with hunting motifs or real trinkets, or coin pendants.  Ladies of the Alpenland Tänzer may wear Chari-vari (coins only) or a small decorated change purse on their Mieder chain, in addition to their necklaces and shawl gathers.

Examples of  mens Chari-vari:

Carved ivory (typically deer antler) worn with vest across pockets.


Metal coin type:  

Coins and hunting motifs worn without vest across Hosenträger (suspender) buttons.  Shown left to right are:  Hunting hat, wild turkey motifs, coins, game tooth, metal oak leaf cluster with acorn motif.  Embroidered deer and oak decorations can also be seen on Lederhose.


Another example of coin type Chari-vari.


Hunting motifs worn with vest across pockets:  

Shown left to right are:  Game tooth,  metal deer antler, wild turkey motifs; game tooth; metal Edelweiss, Jagd(hunting) horn motifs, Gamsbart, game tooth. Shown left to right are:  coins, turquoise, game tooth, deer antler tip, antler root with metal flower motif, amethyst, game tooth, turquoise, coins.


Examples of  ladies Chari-vari and necklaces:

Chain type necklace, Edelweiss shawl gathers.

Velvet necklace with Edelweiss motifs,  shawl gathers with chains.


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